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About Hoosier Aquatic Care

We are fully licensed and registered with the Office of the Indiana State Chemist. All our technicians are registered and have received training both in house and through the Office of the Indiana State Chemists. We offer a consistent treatment plan that deals with algae blooms and weed growth to keep your pond healthy and balanced. We specialize in submersed weed and algae control, fountain and aeration sales and service,. We also offer comprehensive programs to control emersed weeds; plants that break the water's surface such as cattails, creeping water primrose, lily pads for example. Pond dye is also available.


Algae Control and Submersed Weed Control


Dedicated, Registered Technicians

Cattail and Emergent Weed Control


Fountain Sales and Service


Sponsor of Jesse Tunny
"The Outlaw"


Quality Service at Affordable Prices

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