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Algae & Submersed Weed Control

Algae is a growing concern plaguing many lake and pond owners. Managing algae growth in water is complicated, in part, because there’s no definitive answer as to the cause of algae in ponds or lakes. Several factors come into play. Water nutrient levels, exposure to light, temperature, turbidity and the general conditions found in a body of water all contribute — and they’re all different from site to site. These common causes together can often result in large algae blooms and surface coverage of your pond and lake. It’s important to stay ahead of the problem with a seasonal lake and pond maintenance program with Hoosier Aquatic Care.

Submerged plants have stems and leaves that grow under water. Eurasian milfoil, hydrilla, and curly-leaf pondweed are common examples of invasive submerged weeds that should be managed. Hoosier Aquatic Care has the experience and knowledge to manage submersed weeds that could take over your entire body of water without the proper pond maintenance plan in place.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge of aquatic weed management needed to provide you with results. Hoosier Aquatic Care, Inc’s. specially designed spraycraft and chemical injection systems ensure even distribution and effective control of all targeted species and areas. All the products we use are EPA registered chemicals.

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Rip-Rap or Shore Weeds

Colorant/Pond Dye Is Also Available



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